lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013


E: Emiralys
B: Brigitte          
D: Darien
R: Rosangel
Brigitte and rosangel are talking in the hallway           D: He’s a Lawyer
R: Do you like the ‘’photograph’’ y classes                         B: Rosangel. In y minutes we hare class English we must go
B: Yes. The teacher.  Aly is very nice                               E: Ok. Let’s go
R: I en joy his classes. Emiralys arrive.                            R: Here we go
E: Hi, Rosanjel. How are you?
R: Fine! Emiralys this is Briguette. She’s our classmate
E: Nice to meet you Brigitte
B: Nice to meet you too
E: Where do you live, Brigitte
B: Very for from here. No Darien arrives
D: Hello. How are you?
B: Very good. Darien they study with us. Emiralys they study with us.
D: Nice to meet girl
R: Nice to meet you too
E: Glad to meet you, Darien
D: My father took me today. He works in a from here
R: What do he do?

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