lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Rihanna Biography

1. What’s she name?
R-. She name is Robim Rihanna Fenty, her nick name is Rihanna
2. When is her birthday?
R-. She brithday is 20 at Febrary of 1988
3. How old is she?
R-. she has twenty four years old
4. Where is she from?
R-. She from is Saint Michael, Barbados.
5. What kind of music he sings?
R-. Rihanna Sings Songs in genre electro-pop
6. Instrument which plays?
R-. She plays Batery, Piano and the Guithar
7. What year was released in the song?
R-. In 2005  with the album Hurled Pon The Replay
8. what is your website?

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