lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013


What do you look like?

I'm young.
I'm 18 years ols.
My eyes are brown
My hair is short and blond 
I have straight hair 
I'm tall
I have average weight
I have slim .

First name: Emiralys
Last name: Gutierrez
Age: 18
City: Maracaibo
State: Zulia
Country: Venezuela
Languages: Spanish and a litte English
Occupation: Student
Interests: I enjoy listening to music(pop and dance) I want to visit Espana this summer!

My first name is Emiralys. My last name is Gutierrez. I am 18 years old. I was born in Maracaibo, "Zulia'' state. I'm Venezuela I speak Spanish and a little English. I'm a student. I study '' Social Communication'' at ''URBE'' University. My father is Emilio,My mother is Aracelis, My sister is Emilys. My favorite actress is Angelina Jolie My favorite actor is Brad Pit, My favorite athlete is Messi . I like listening to music my favorite food is chinese.


E: Emiralys
B: Brigitte          
D: Darien
R: Rosangel
Brigitte and rosangel are talking in the hallway           D: He’s a Lawyer
R: Do you like the ‘’photograph’’ y classes                         B: Rosangel. In y minutes we hare class English we must go
B: Yes. The teacher.  Aly is very nice                               E: Ok. Let’s go
R: I en joy his classes. Emiralys arrive.                            R: Here we go
E: Hi, Rosanjel. How are you?
R: Fine! Emiralys this is Briguette. She’s our classmate
E: Nice to meet you Brigitte
B: Nice to meet you too
E: Where do you live, Brigitte
B: Very for from here. No Darien arrives
D: Hello. How are you?
B: Very good. Darien they study with us. Emiralys they study with us.
D: Nice to meet girl
R: Nice to meet you too
E: Glad to meet you, Darien
D: My father took me today. He works in a from here
R: What do he do?

martes, 10 de julio de 2012

What's in my Bag?

I have

A poem for my Dad

Generous, responsible, loving, Friendly, good husband, good daughter, good FATHER, and humble, Who loves his family. He like dry-fit wear. He listen to me, understand me and loves his family. He´s unique and incomparable. He is Emiralys Gutiérrez´s father. great example to follow. the love of my life and who makes me happy everyday.

the perfect gift for my dad would be an electric blue car

He is my dad... The love of my life. Love you dad<3 The picture of my dad and me.